Thankful Thursday

      There’s always a lot to be thankful for in a day, let alone in a week.  These past few weeks were no different and held some pretty special moments. All around me were signs that the seasons are changing. Here are a few: The weather has started to change a bit, as have the colors of the trees. Yep. Nothing stays the same, that’s for sure. The summer is flying by, and the winds of change areRead more

the rest

So, I’ve had a lot of that nervous kind of energy lately. Maybe you know the kind. I mean, it’s that kind of feeling like there are lots of things that I can do, but my heart and mind are wrapped up in the things that I can’t…the things that are out of my control. Thus…this restless energy keeps rising to the surface when my heart and mind are unsettled. So…I’ve got some negative go tos…things I turn to withRead more

Mist Rising

So the mist was rising this morning.  The rising of the sun seemed to beckon the mist upwards from the ground, lifting the cloudy mist little by little to rise above the tops of the trees.  In a little bit of time, the mist will disappear into the sky and the view will be clear. There will be no signs of the mist that so enveloped the trees by the stream this morning.  No signs of it whatsoever. Some days, there willRead more