Silent Sunday

I love when things that don’t appear to ‘belong’ merely add beauty to their surroundings. Yeah, some things don’t fit–impatiens and shamrocks aren’t normally found in the same pot. But it works. I mean the impatiens will die away in the coming months, but that little shamrock bulb that doesn’t fit will be left behind to bloom and multiply and bloom for years to come. Thankful for little surprises that remind me to take a second look, a second thought,Read more

a little post script…

“p.s.”  is a tool that I definitely take advantage of quite often.  It’s also one that I want to use today for the post I shared yesterday entitled “different”.  (To reference it, here ya go… “different” ) When I finished the post  yesterday, it just didn’t feel finished. At all. I was NOT trying to write of platitudes, but gut level acceptance of life that was “different” than what I’d hoped for, and yet even though what I was thinking wasRead more

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for a few reminders this week: First, sometimes when and where we least expect it, we could find a reason to smile. Reminder number two:  Storms don’t just bring lightning and thunder and downpours. They also bring rain that waters plants, rain that induces growth.  Rain helps plants bear fruit (or vegetables!)  one day. Reminder number three:  Good things take time. Beautiful old water oaks were once tiny little acorns. Yes, good things take time. It’s sad when anRead more