a few thoughts on…

“So you, by the help of your God, return. Observe mercy and justice.  And wait on your God continually.” Hosea 12:6 A few thoughts on Hosea 12:6… “So you”…..yes, you ❤ “by the help of your God, return.”  It doesn’t say just turn, return. Nope. It says, BY THE HElP OF YOUR GOD return.  Even in that, He grants help to those who ask Him for it. I love that. “Observe mercy and justice.”  Observe–study, watch—not merely glance at orRead more

(not-so-Silent) Sunday

There’s a cool breeze blowing in western NC this morning. The sun is shining and it’s not yet the predicted 90 degrees–it’s an early morning 75 degrees. Well, I made my coffee and looked out the window and saw this beautiful little white morning glory and it just gave me a glimmer of hope. I’ve had this morning glory plant (as well as some other perennials) in a big pot for years. Usually, it starts blooming in early July. ButRead more

Clinging to Hope ~ a few thoughts on the book of Habakkuk

I love the book of Habakkuk in the Bible.  I love it for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons, to be honest, is because it’s short.  You can get a full grasp of beginning to end in one sitting.  I love it because it’s real.  Habakkuk is questioning God on some things.  Questioning without doubting…that’s an important distinction.  I also love the book because it ends up with this beautiful verse that is often quoted: “Though the figRead more