Good goodbyes

So, today was the day we have dreaded. It was also the day we have so looked forward to. So it is with endings…and beginnings.  You can’t have one without the other and one brings on lots of tears while another can bring on so much joy.  It all depends on what is ending and what is beginning. So often, you get both in both…tears and joys in endings and beginnings.  So it is with this ending/beginning in our lives. AsRead more

the little things

I put a wreath on the door today. It was just a simple thing. I didn’t even know if anyone would really notice. I loved the simplicity of the wreath with evergreens and pine cones and white lights. I added a shimmery purple ribbon and it reminded me of an advent wreath. All of my children would be coming home and under one roof for Thanksgiving, and from the time they walked through the door to the time they left,Read more

The Beauty and the Ache ~ thoughts on grief

kissing (Good bye) missing letting go of her Daddy’s hand stumbling crumbling this isn’t what she planned falling Calling Others come to share the load grieving Believing There’s more to life than what she knows aching …It’s excruciating For the beauty of what was lost Smiling Realizing The gain outweighs the loss Wondering Pondering but the mind gives way to heart feeling reeling sometimes light gives way to dark Hoping Coping Breathing through each day Praying Staying On her kneesRead more