i see you…

    There are so very many friends out there who have had a rough season way beyond what they thought they could ever bear (“bare” seems more fitting).  Loss of a child. Chronic Illness. Addictions that won’t go away in them or their loved one.  Medical diagnoses they never saw coming. Loss of parent that is no longer here, and some that are, but aren’t. Shattered Dreams. Relationships lost.  This post is for you, and for me, and forRead more

The Beauty and the Ache ~ thoughts on grief

kissing (Good bye) missing letting go of her Daddy’s hand stumbling crumbling this isn’t what she planned falling Calling Others come to share the load grieving Believing There’s more to life than what she knows aching …It’s excruciating For the beauty of what was lost Smiling Realizing The gain outweighs the loss Wondering Pondering but the mind gives way to heart feeling reeling sometimes light gives way to dark Hoping Coping Breathing through each day Praying Staying On her kneesRead more