like tea

So, I received this little gift wrapped in a daisy ribbon a few months back. Opened it up and am so enjoying it tonight. I’m thankful for little gifts that serve as reminders of huge gifts of the people in my life. Choosing to be thankful for time together rather than to bemoan time apart. Thankful for the quiet after a long day of …not.  Thankful for the reminder to be still and know that God is in control andRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Companions

Three little sisters are resting on a bench after a busy morning of going from place to place, seeing new things, laughing, squirming, inquiring, and exploring. They sit together, side by side, and their little feet take a much needed break. For soon, they’ll be off again, exploring new territories together and alone. But for now, they are sweet little companions gaining strength and encouragement from a little rest and from enjoying the moments of just being together.Read more