Thankful Thursday

  I ran a stop sign the other day, I did. It wasn’t a slow roll through. Nope, I ran it at about 60 mph. Not good. I nearly collided with a car whose driver sounded the horn loud and clear. Rightly so. Wow. There was grace that totally abounded. Totally. For me. Grace abounded for the driver  in the car who sounded the horn, for the passengers. I didn’t get a ticket, but I so should have. It didn’tRead more

…a few thoughts on remembering…

So, I’ve seen lots of posts lately saying that for teachers, it feels like May has like 100 days. Well, I thought that was a cute statement around mid-May, but now, I think it’s quite accurate. We finished up round two of testing today, and I’m so thankful we’re on the homestretch, but I tell ya, this teacher is T—I–R–E–D. Big time. That fatigue comes out in little ways. Like I have forgotten my phone a couple times as I’veRead more

A Flag Unfurled

I sat in the church parking lot waiting for my son to emerge from youth group and stared at the flag.  It hung on the flag post, lifeless, drooping, still. As I looked at it, I realized I felt just like that flag.  I felt like a flag with no wind behind me and nothing to breathe life into my exhausted little self.  I leaned against the car door and tried not to fall asleep. Sometimes circumstances can wear usRead more