Ten Days (part two)

Okay, so here comes round two of the awesome trip to Sweden to see Austin. As beautiful and sunny and exciting as day one and two were, day three was, in a good kind of way, the converse of that.  It was cold, foggy and at times rainy, and we moved at a much slower pace.  We started out by visiting the library where Aus has spent quite a good amount of time in the past ten months.  (I didn’t feelRead more

…a little tribute to Dads…

So, in honor of all of you Dads out there, here’s some sweet images from today.  They were taken in the city of Malmo, a seaside town on the southern tip of Sweden.  I’ll let the images do the talking… And then, there was this Dad and his son and one red balloon… The little boy was holding on tight and then the Dad decided maybe he should tie it to his wrist. I nonchalantly watched him gently tie itRead more