…a little tribute to Dads…

So, in honor of all of you Dads out there, here’s some sweet images from today.  They were taken in the city of Malmo, a seaside town on the southern tip of Sweden.  I’ll let the images do the talking…

dads5dads3dads2Dads1dads4And then, there was this Dad and his son and one red balloon…

dads6The little boy was holding on tight and then the Dad decided maybe he should tie it to his wrist. I nonchalantly watched him gently tie it to his wrist, not too tightly and just secure enough…or so he thought…But then…

dads8Oops.  Big oops.  Almost tears, but Dad took the hand…

dads9And taught the lesson that life goes on even when there’s loss.  We just need to stick together and keep moving forward.

So to all the Dads out there who are doing their best through the ups and downs, here’s a little tribute to one of the most enormous jobs there is.  Here’s a genuine thank you and it matters and hats-off-to-you-for-trying because those little things are what the big ‘kids’ will so often remember.  Happy Father’s Day.

Blessings ~



“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.”

Psalm 103:13

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