After a tutoring session with a resilient (and quite active) little 5 year old, we took a walk (sometimes a ‘RUN!’) through the woods. We looked at flowers and trees and butterflies.  I let him take some photos and I took a few of my own. It was a fun little fifteen minutes of the day that refreshed me. Hope some of these photos refresh you. You see, we looked up.  Way up. And after a super busy week withRead more

Ode to the Beaver, Part I

I think the beaver knows a thing or two about “focus”. His lens is fixed on the next bite, not the distant, daunting challenge of his endeavor. Boy, that tree is TALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! If I were him, I wouldn’t look up too often…that would be so discouraging! We often hear the phrase, “busy as a beaver”, but busyness is one thing. Focus is completely different. I can remember the story that my mother in law tells of a woman who hadRead more