faith in the fog

Can’t see too far ahead in this fog.  Nope, not at all.  Definitely need to take time to focus on navigating the way carefully. Funny.  Underneath the fog, nothing has changed.  Everything that is there in the light is still there in the dark or the fog.  We just can’t see it clearly, or at all.  Fog changes, hinders, and distorts our view of things.  It can make us question things that we would never question in the light. WhatRead more

in disguise

The triple threat of today consisted of the following combination:  Monday morning + first frost of the season + (here’s the clincher) 7:00 a.m. cafeteria duty. Oh, but that’s not all.  The fruit for the day was ………….oranges.  UNpeeled oranges with a cafeteria full of elementary age students who just aren’t that adept at peeling oranges. Oh, and add to that, a five year old student who is really having difficulty acclimating to staying in his seat and not running aroundRead more