Thankful Thursday

    Talk about a beautiful sunrise. Yesterday morning, I left the house while it was still dark and got to see the sun peek out over a hill and then slowly rise. I loved seeing the warm tones to the east, and the bright blues to the west.   It was good to see wide open spaces. Like so many folks, I love the song, “Wide open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks. My girl and I have belted thatRead more


“Every time you think of calling a kid ‘attention seeking’ this year, consider changing it to ‘connection-seeking’ and see how your perspective changes. ”  Dr. Jody CarringtonRead more

a few thoughts on storms…

As I drove home there were rumblings of a storm brewing.  Outside there was thunder, wind, flashes of lightning. All that.  The storm blew in pretty quickly and the winds were blowing, the clouds were rolling on in, and drops were raining down.  I walked outside on the covered porch to feel the winds.  I tried to take a photo, but this shot is just about all I came up with…the wind was really moving those trees. Not a goodRead more

Thankful Thursday

Ugh. Where to begin. It’s February 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day. As sweet as yesterday was, today started with how it ended last night…with the news about the 17 lost. School shooting. Ugh.  It began for so many with fears and tears and senseless loss. Tough to be thankful for that. And the Keurig coffee maker is being persnickety. That seemingly small and shallow detail didn’t help with the start of my day either. I went into school andRead more

…a few thoughts on ties…

Sometimes, we have absolutely no idea what  people around us are going through.  Whether they be close friends and family, or strangers, it’s amazing how the littlest of things can form bonds, ties that bind, that make a big difference.  I was reminded of that tonight, so on this Thankful Thursday, I just wanted to share of how I’m thankful for God’s gentle reminders to trust Him with where He leads and to be thankful for and aware of the peopleRead more

Travel Theme ~ Simplicity

Newspapers and Benches Newspapers and Benches connect us. They are simple, but they both provide opportunity for us to connect with those around us. Whether it is someone sitting right next to us on a city bench, or an article which connects us to the people and events that are occurring on the other side of the globe, they help us enter in to someone else’s world. We all want to be connected in one way or another, that’s forRead more