knocking on our doors…

Sometimes the gift of amazing opportunity comes knocking on our doors in ways we’d never choose. Am thinking this might just be one of those times. Please listen to the little discussion by Mike Smith. Full of such good reminders for what we’re facing these days.  I tried, but can’t share it on WordPress for some reason, but  if you search Vimeo for Mike Smith’s “Rooted in Love” , you’ll find it. ❤ #pray     #speak      #lovewell  #read Read more

Wordless Wednesday

Steady. Strong. Graceful. Strength under control. Sacrificial.  Beautiful.  Intuitive          One horse made memories for a lot of 10 year old kids today, that’s for sure.   Wordless WednesdayRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Community

One head soccer coach (who had played football, by the way…never touched a soccer ball) who read books about soccer to be a better coach and had the heart to use kids’ natural strengths and abilities to teach them to know their position and play it wholeheartedly One assistant coach who played soccer through college and beyond and was a lifelong friend of the coach who had the heart to encourage kids to do their best 14 teachable, coachable, fun-lovingRead more