Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Linger

to linger… To wait awhile longer To not move forward or backward, but to stay ¬†for a bit because you don’t desire the moment to end. Sometimes endings are truly endings, changes that you know are coming, and in lingering a bit, we try to heed off the inevitable. I’ve had so many moments of ‘lingering’ in my lifetime. ¬†There are moments that I’ve wanted to stretch out and make last, savoring every solitary instant. Some of the moments thatRead more

…the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds…

Like a warm towel wrapped around a little one… ….or a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day… or a fresh wind in the afternoon “…the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him…” Psalm 32:10 choosing to trust today and thankful for the moments when His unfailing love has been so apparent, so present and realRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ “Broken”

Once the homes for a myriad of creatures broken shells line the sand They have been pounded in the waves crushed by the powers of time and water and movement Only to find a temporary home on the shoreline of sand The shoreline of sand that has been created by the shells that have been there before them which were also once the homes for a myriad of creatures and are now the soft landing place for barefeet of passersbyRead more

The Beauty and the Ache ~ thoughts on grief

kissing (Good bye) missing letting go of her Daddy’s hand stumbling crumbling this isn’t what she planned falling Calling Others come to share the load grieving Believing There’s more to life than what she knows aching …It’s excruciating For the beauty of what was lost Smiling Realizing The gain outweighs the loss Wondering Pondering but the mind gives way to heart feeling reeling sometimes light gives way to dark Hoping Coping Breathing through each day Praying Staying On her kneesRead more