Daily Prompt Challenge – Help

Brothers Helping Brothers There are so many things I love about this moment in time. Josh was teaching Chase to wash dishes. He grabbed a trash can and turned it upside down for Chase to be able to see and learn and help. Chase’s little bare feet are perched on top of this makeshift booster while Josh’s cleated feet are firmly planted on the floor. (Still has the cleats and shin guards on from soccer practice.) Chase quietly listened asRead more

Some Thoughts on Raising Boys

Memories of Raising Boys Raising 5 sons has been a wild ride, and one of the greatest blessings of my life. All different personalities from goofy to serious to inquisitive. Athletic and Artistic. Academic and Outdoorsy. Sometimes silly/sneaky (can you tell which one in the photo I am referring to?) Sometimes more direct than I’d choose. Thankful for the worlds they’ve opened up to me, and the way that their gusto and excitement for life has helped me to appreciateRead more