MindFULL or Mindful…

So, at our school, in this fast-paced, filled-with-trauma world, we’re working on being mindful. “Mindfulness” has been a phrase that we’ve used a great deal in the past year. My realization? That this teacher, (wife, mom, friend, etc), can be a tad-bit distracted a lot of the time.  So often  I am more mindFULL than mindful. So am rethinking some things. Here  are some of my thoughts: My growing definition of mindfulness- being fully present in the moment I’m in;Read more

Sunday Stills ~ the next challenge “Legs”

I’ve always loved this little photo of  “legs”…my daughter’s to be exact. She was on the shoreline dipping her toes in while her brothers were all out diving in to the cold waters of the ocean. A post I wrote about this moment can be found using the link below: https://soletusknow.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/on-being-all-in/ http://sundaystills.wordpress.com/2014/12/28/sunday-stills-the-next-challenge-legs/Read more

On Being “All In”

I loved watching my daughter on the beach on a cold Spring day. She had decided she wouldn’t try to brave the cold waters, so she just dipped her little toes in, danced in the sand, and amused herself by keeping the waves from coming up to her rolled up jeans. Her brothers on the other hand, would have nothing to do with merely dipping their toes in. Determined to not waste a day at the ocean, they were preparedRead more

On Stepping Back

Everyday I go the back way home. The route consists of winding roads and views of distant mountains, of creeks meandering through fields and cows quietly grazing. From the time I pass through the last traffic light to the time I get home, the views help me decompress a bit. There’s usually a ‘grande finale’ of sorts as I turn onto my road. There is a field on the corner that changes daily depending on the weather, the crop beingRead more