… a few thoughts on clinging…

In the Spring, my mother-in-law gave me a beautiful mandevilla plant. It’s been growing beautifully and is filling up the trellis behind it. But one day, I noticed that a vine had reached the top of the trellis. And there was nothing close for it to cling to. Day after day, it grew in the same direction…seemingly reaching for something to cling to. It grew and grew and was just floating in the air, apparently searching for a landing spot.Read more

…for today…

I’ve been making bird feeders again.  “For today” feeders is what I like to call them.  And here’s why…  In the past year, the phrase “for today” has become one of my favorite, favorite phrases. I’ve always appreciated the saying of “One Day At a Time. This quickly became, “one moment at a time” when I was a young mom to more little ones than my arms could hold.  (Our third son was born when our oldest was 2…and by the time ourRead more

…like water…

I don’t usually repost things I’ve written, but last night and today have been thinking on this poem so much….and the concept….that sometimes answered prayer comes as gentle rain and sometimes it comes as a violent storm.  I’m aware of so many praying for loved ones, and just wanted to share this with hopes to encourage some of you all to not fear the “storms”…because sometimes that’s exactly what it takes for change…the very change we’re praying for might just inRead more

…he said yes…

So, in recent weeks, I have heard reference to a story multiple times. It’s a story in the Bible of a man who had been sick for a long time.  I’m not certain of the infirmity, but according to scripture, he had been waiting to be healed for close to 4 decades.  Yep, almost 40 years of waiting.  So Jesus comes along and asks him a very obvious question. This is how John 5:1-5 tells the story…“After this there was aRead more

Shattered Faith – (not)

So, a few minutes ago I was rushing again….rushing again to knock some things off my ever-growing to-do list.  One of them was to clean out the car which had accumulated some tools and books and my favorite coffee cup. So, as I was grabbing eVERy item, I thought I had better make two trips, but then nixed that thinking that I could ‘handle’ it. Well, I couldn’t ‘handle’ it, and the handle of what has recently become my oh-so-favoriteRead more

Shoes to Fill

The three of us stood in the parking lot.  The fog that we had seen as we traveled up the mountain was now the mist that clung to us.   But the chill in the air was the last thing on our minds. As the two of them talked, my mind drifted as I looked down at their shoes.  Father and son. Jeans.  Brown leather shoes. Hands in pockets.  Looking eye to eye and talking about what was to come.  Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Texture

On Being Laid Bare Unraveling… Unveiling… Peeling Back… Exposing… Laying Bare… it’s fine for a birch tree… but oh, so hard to see in those we love. But there’s a season for exposure of the hidden things which eat from the inside out. May we be people who embrace and love well (which may involve covering, or may involve more painful exposure) when those in our care are in the painful process of dealing with things they need to letRead more

Travel Theme – Wood

Tangled Wood Surfacing Sometimes when what lies beneath comes to the surface it looks like a tangled mess but then again, the observing eye gains a better understanding of how things truly are, not just how they appear when it’s brought to the surface no matter how messy it may be the observing eye can often find beauty even in a tangled mess It’s all about the eye of the beholder Travel theme: WoodRead more


… I know he feels like he’s stuck. And honestly, he is. There are No apparent options, only consequences of his actions, his choices. And the walls feel like they are closing in on him. And the mire of his existence seems to be getting deeper, and thicker like mud that is slowly hardening to cement. And then, he will be stuck forever. That is the fear that is fast becoming the reality. I am on the outside looking in,Read more