Every October, I remember.  Of course, I remember throughout the year, but when leaves start to turn and there’s a chill in the air, I often find myself having to fight off some fears and steady my heart as my memories turn to two days, two sons, and two events in October of 2012. Two days:  October 25th, 2012 and October 26th, 2012 Two Sons:  Josh and Tanner Two Life Changing Events: Major Car Accident (Josh- October 25th, 2012) andRead more

Until the Sun Goes Down

It’s a beautiful September day, and as I walked in the house and looked out at the back deck, the deck seemed white with sunlight.  So I didn’t spend much time inside…just enough to help my husband with a computer issue, talk to my son about his day, and then I was off to sit in the warmth of the beautiful sunlight on the deck. The warmth and light on the deck was perfect, so much so that I justRead more

…a few thoughts on mountains and molehills…

“Pray with your eyes on God, not on the difficulties.” ~Oswald Chambers Yep.  This is a reminder to myself. I hate to be a broken record, but here goes… we have lots of transitions going on in our home with one son going to college on the coast, one daughter moving to the mountains, and one son moving to Sweden…all within a 2 week window (which occurs simultaneously with me going back to teaching after a nice long summer.  InRead more

…a few thoughts on remembering…

Getting lost is no fun.  Take it from me.  I’ve been lost a time or two (or fifty!).  I’ll think I know where I’m going and then, one wrong turn, and it’s a slippery slope of taking another wrong turn, trying to backtrack and forgetting which was the wrong turn, or the right turn, or the left turn or whatever turn, and pretty soon I’m a bit confused. (VERY confused, actually.)   It’s easy to lose our way sometimes… especially onceRead more

a few thoughts on being transparent…~

I took this photo the other day and loved seeing the beauty of the hibiscus flower reaching toward the light of the sun. I was taken with how transparent the petals were. The light shines through and reveals the outside and the inside. Light reveals.  It just does.  That’s the nature of light.  It shines, fills, and invades every uncovered space, like it or not. When the light shines through, there’s no hiding. Light invades hidden places and reveals beauty.  It revealsRead more


Enough.  ENOUGH.  That’s a  word we as moms often say to our children when they (or we!) have reached a limit.  “That’s enough ice cream.”  “That’s enough TV.”  Or, the dreaded “THAT’S ENOUGH!!” when the behaviors have hit a point that mom will no longer tolerate.  We moms say, “That’s enough” quite a number of times through our children’s years. It’s a phrase that is passed down from mom generation to mom generation. We intrinsically know that we need to sayRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ ‘Intricate’

This morning, I woke up with a start.  For some reason, the alarm hadn’t gone off.  The clock said 6:46 a.m. “Oh No!” I’m late for bus duty already!  Second day in and I was going to be late.  I jumped in for a quick shower and my mind was rushing.  Wait a minute, didn’t I test the students yesterday (a Friday ritual), and didn’t we have a baseball game?  And weren’t we scheduled to have a baseball game onRead more


It’s really starting to scare me. No joke. I get distracted so easily.  It happened the other day,  time after time after time, as I worked with my students in the classroom.  I work with many students who have attention deficits.   And behavior issues.  And emotional needs.  And learning disabilities.  And physical challenges.  And I love my job.  But the mix lately has been difficult and I feel like the dog in the movie “Up”  (see link below) aRead more

On Shades of Grey

Grey.  It’s that color that’s somewhere between black and white.  It’s in the middle.  It’s “achromatic” or devoid of color.  It’s the color of compromise, the color of a foggy day when you just can’t see ahead, the color of neutrality. And our world is fast becoming more and more grey.  All shades of grey.  More than fifty, I’d say. I am not going to pretend I’m an authority on the movie that is about to come out, ironically,  justRead more


     So, if you were to walk on the beautiful path at the edge of the Broad River, you might come across this scene.  The light gray trees rise above the verdant canopy like candles on a cake.  But they do not tell a story of celebration. They tell a story of what had been destructive to the whole area  years prior.  A forest fire had raged through the acreage at the river’s edge and the flames had quicklyRead more