Until the Sun Goes Down

sunlight2 9-14-15

It’s a beautiful September day, and as I walked in the house and looked out at the back deck, the deck seemed white with sunlight.  So I didn’t spend much time inside…just enough to help my husband with a computer issue, talk to my son about his day, and then I was off to sit in the warmth of the beautiful sunlight on the deck.

The warmth and light on the deck was perfect, so much so that I just didn’t want to leave.  So I didn’t.  I got  up once, but as I walked into the shade, I turned right back around and sat in my chair.  I didn’t want to leave the light. I’m determined to stay until the last glimmering rays of the sun are just below the tree line.  I’m so enjoying the light and the warmth and the comfort that the time outside has brought. It refreshed me in ways that kicking up my feet in front of the TV or computer never could.

So here’s the thing.  It made me think about how good friends are like that. There’s a warmth and a light and a genuine comfort level that just makes you, well, not want to leave.  Time with them is well spent.  It refreshes.  It renews.  It rejuvenates.  It is time well spent, though it may not be ‘productive’, it’s definitely not wasted.  So today, am so aware and thankful for the many sweet friends and family members who are such a joy and who refresh just by a word, a laugh, a question.  So thankful for connections and for the way that in the same way that the time on the deck was a breath of fresh air, that so many  interactions, no matter how much time between, are moments of refreshment that leave their mark.  They refresh, encourage..and help me to do better when I have to walk back into the shade where the light may not be shining so bright.

One more thought.  Even when we don’t have that close friend nearby, or the sun shining bright in our lives, we have continual access to what those two things bring. I love the verse that says, “I am the Light of the World, he who follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12) I love that God is ever-present, and even in the darkest of times, He is like that warmth and light and comfort that we just don’t want to leave.  The beautiful thing is, we never have to.

Just a few thoughts as the sun goes down on my deck…

Blessings ~


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