a little bird watching

Busy day at the bird feeder today. It cracked me up because there was one bird that kept chirping away through the whole ‘meal’…’talking with its mouth full’ so to speak. She (yeah, I’m thinking ‘she’, lol) was quite demonstrative and the other birds seemed to watch and tolerate the interactions…and there were lots of them. I kept thinking of that quote ‘there’s one in every crowd’….or flock, that is. The birds flitted back and forth all morning. That is,Read more

Beautiful Resilience

Reaching… Protecting… Blooming… Overflowing… Creeping… Nourishing… Flourishing… Beautiful Resilience….visible reminders of how God’s design is so intricate and strong and beautiful.  Resilience adapts and overcomes and is beautiful for all to see.  Love how God shows us things in nature that are so meant to thrive in ourselves.  As I went through the walk in the woods yesterday my heart was just tired.  But as I looked around and saw the visuals….the tree reaching for the sky, the vine creepingRead more