…a few thoughts on marriage…

I so enjoyed watching the interaction of these two birds this morning. Yes, believe it or not, there are two birds in this photo. It’s tough to tell, but the female (who is moving so very fast that she is barely visible…just a blur…) is rocking the feeder a bit…and the male seems to be ducking for cover. Kinda funny.  And oh so familiar! In our homes, we women can tend to flit and fly about a bit in aRead more

Love Lasts

  Yep. Am thinking true love lasts.  It stands.  It endures. It sacrifices, gives, bends. It joins together even when things are falling apart.  Love this photo of a dear couple’s hands.  They were joined together for a long time, a lifetime, and then they had to let each other go as one passed on. But am thinking that that love?  That love lasts even then.  Yep. Love lasts. “Love bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things, believesRead more

“All for Nought” … NOT!

Well, I found myself thinking something today. I was thinking that I didn’t want a lot of effort in certain areas to be “All for nought”.  I didn’t want years of effort and prayer and work to be futile, meaningless, and void of any good benefits.  Like so often happens, what we think tends to come out in our words in a matter of time. For me, it was only a matter of minutes before what popped into my brainRead more

thoughts on marriage…little lessons from a duck

There they were.  At least they had their eyes on the same goal and were walking in the same direction.  But the drake?  He meandered back and forth, back and forth and left the beaten path for the grass.  The mama mallard?  She stayed on the walkway, followed the rules, made her way to the pond and managed to stay on the path even though the drake would go to and for and every which way. She was efficient inRead more