Thankful Thursdays ~ A New October

So, this one comes home and says, “I want to enter a poster contest. It’s about bullying.” And as soon as he says the “b” word, my mind races into all sorts of directions. It’s instantaneous and automatic. But I mask the stuff going on inside of me and say that I think it’s a great idea.  I’m proud of his initiative and thankful for opportunities for my youngest to put himself out there. But the “b” word?  The conceptRead more

A Summer’s End Sigh…

      Well, it’s my last day of summer and I’m trying to breathe deep and be thankful. Trying.  Breathing in, breathing out.  Trust me, I know that having a long summer vacation is a huge blessing.  As a teacher I am thankful for every single day of this long 2 month respite for sure.  But, boy oh boy am I sad to see it end.  As I sit here alone on the deck on the last day ofRead more