A Summer’s End Sigh…



cup of coffee


Well, it’s my last day of summer and I’m trying to breathe deep and be thankful. Trying.  Breathing in, breathing out.  Trust me, I know that having a long summer vacation is a huge blessing.  As a teacher I am thankful for every single day of this long 2 month respite for sure.  But, boy oh boy am I sad to see it end.  As I sit here alone on the deck on the last day of this summer, I’ve thought of all that I’ve done, but long for what I haven’t.  The main thing I wish for?  I wish that I had had a few more moments with friends sitting in that chair right there, right across from me. Moments shared with friends and family in conversation over a cup of coffee is always time well spent. Always.  So as I sit here and  dread  look forward to starting back at school in full swing, I’m determined to seek out and look for more moments on this deck…with someone filling the chair right there in front of me. Solitude definitely has it’s place, but there’s nothing like sharing time with a dear friend or loved one!  Kind of makes it all worth it doesn’t it?

Oh, and I keep convincing myself that life does not end when school starts.  It doesn’t.  It’s just that the breathe time, the margin, the space, seems to be quite a bit more occupied with a lot more stuff and much longer to-do lists.  But as I exhale I remember that my deck and candle and cup of coffee will still be here…and oh, yeah…there’s an open invitation to fill that chair right there across from me…Summer, Spring, Winter, or Fall…



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