“Say no to fear and live with the hope and courage that come only when you remember that the Lord is near.”  ~Paul David Tripp, New Morning MerciesRead more

through… or through.

Through. That word can mean in the midst of the in-between. You’re at point A, and gotta go through… a bit until you get to point B. That ‘bit’ can be quite a journey sometimes and require a lot of gumption, tenacity and perseverance. Sometimes there’s a long line between point A and point B. Or through can mean done, over it, finished. Kaput. Hasta la vista baby. Done. Through. And sometimes when the through (definition 1)—the in between hardRead more

a few thoughts on forever…

“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.”  Not much lasts  forever. Surely not grass. Surely  not fragile flowers. Nope. They are lucky to last a season. And the best of folks (and the worst) will all find their day of passing. But what lasts forever?  The intangibles I think.  Intangibles like love, hope, and the Word of God…Truth has a way of standing on its own through circumstance,  through time.. Sometimes itRead more

…a few thoughts on resilience…

I saw this little dandelion in the parking lot at school the other day. It was after a long day  that still had lots of places for me to be and things for me to do…and maybe that’s why seeing this dandelion made me smile with gratitude. It made me think about resilience…and how resilience, the ability to bounce back, is a pretty cool thing. Resilience doesn’t develop in the ease of circumstance. It develops in the midst of obstacles.Read more

Thankful Thursday

There’s a corner of my classroom that got fuller this week. It’s the corner right behind the chair where I spend a good part of my day teaching small groups. It’s ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’ and I have truly felt appreciated in so many ways. Here  is just one of them. I work with a sassy little kindergarten student. He’s quite the competitor. One of the games we play involves using dice to teach  the ‘counting up’ strategy, one-to-one correspondence, andRead more