Thankful Thursday

Sometimes, it’s good to find something good to focus on.  I mean, I’m thinking even on the most difficult of days, we can find one thing to see, to hold on to and to be thankful for. And the cool thing is, that often when we find that one thing, well, our focus helps us to find other ‘one things’. Pretty soon, we’re aware of lots of ‘one things’ in our lives and our perspective can change. That about sums up thisRead more


Amidst all of the crazy noise in today’s world, am thinking about thinking.  The whole “Whatever goes.” “Whatever you think.”   “Whatever I feel like.” “Whatever happens…” mentality of the day leads somewhere.  Am thinking…Nope, not for me because “whatever” leads to “wherever”. The path of least resistance has a way of leading in a downward spiral.  Nope.  “Wherever” is so not where I want to end up. So here’s a new (old) thought: “whatever is true, whatever is noble,Read more