Periwinkle Sky

Lazy golden sun in a periwinkle sky Silhouette of trees On a gentle road that winds Breathing in the sights Breathing once again Thankful for the sights On this day’s end Never ceases to amaze me the wonder of it all The Creator of the sky Is the Creator of the small He Beckons with the sights He Beckons with the sounds Yes, creation speaks And His glory resounds Creation breathes and this thankful heart just pounds with praise forRead more

Intricately Designed

After a day of hearing headlines and wondering how changes will impact our society, I stepped out on the deck for a breath of fresh air.  I zoomed the camera in to the beautifully blooming tree in our backyard.  It never ceases to amaze me how intricately designed our world is.  This little bloom for instance.  It is beautiful, intricate, and functional.  It has a purpose.  It will produce seeds soon. As the seasons change, the seeds will fall toRead more