Intricately Designed


After a day of hearing headlines and wondering how changes will impact our society, I stepped out on the deck for a breath of fresh air.  I zoomed the camera in to the beautifully blooming tree in our backyard.  It never ceases to amaze me how intricately designed our world is.  This little bloom for instance.  It is beautiful, intricate, and functional.  It has a purpose.  It will produce seeds soon. As the seasons change, the seeds will fall to the ground.  One day, there wlll be other trees with other blooms just like this.  Bees will come.  Hummingbirds will come.  Life will be sustained.  The cycle will continue.

I am not going to enter the debate that’s hit the fan with the Supreme Court’s divided decision today.  But I am just in wonder at the way there is so much beauty and function in the way that creation was designed.  I believe we’re all a part of that.  I believe there’s a beautiful and purposeful Master Plan, and a Creator, a Master Creator.  I also believe that we so often just don’t get it.  In the name of rights and freedom and choice, we miss the beauty and the purpose of that which we were intricately designed for.  To glorify God.  To serve Him and not ourselves.  To obey the precepts knowing that whether we understand them or not there are purposes and guidelines and safeguards that enable us to enjoy the world around us and the One who Created it.

Romans 1 is ringing in my ear…how the creation speaks (LOUDly) of the glory and presence of God…but there’s a refusal to see, a refusal to acknowledge Him.  Romans 1 talks about how “God gave them over…” to their lusts and desires.  He lets us choose, lets us go our own way and face the consequences. We choose the broad and broken road in the name of rights, but narrow is the way of freedom.  Freedom is not license. Freedom is the joy and clear conscience that comes with doing and being what we were designed to do and who we were designed to be. God have mercy on us as we continually go our own way.  May Christ-followers be lights in a dark world…not judging, but walking with great discernment at a time when anything goes in the name of rights, and those who choose to have principles are silenced as being close-minded.  May God have mercy.  He allows us to go our own way, but how sweet is the picture of the Father of the Prodigal Son who runs to him and welcomes him home when he tires of the broad and broken road. He love us like a Father who runs to His child.  Love that.

So, there’s joy in seeing the intricate design of the world around us.  The intricate beauty of the wispy pink frail flower just blows my mind.  The beauty of the sun going down, a baby’s hand, the mountains, the sea, the capillaries in the body, the heart that pumps, the amazing, amazing things we just take for granted.  Praying that I have eyes to see and ears to hear the beauty of the world around me, and to give praise to the Creator who intricately designed us all.

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