Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Boundaries

Boundaries.  They keep things in.  They keep things out. Sometimes they protect, sometimes they guide.  Sometimes they are chosen for us.  Sometimes we choose them for ourselves. I love the visual of being on a narrow path…with few choices, clear disciplines, parameters born of conviction which one day….one day…after much discipline, and choosing to be hemmed in… leads to  w i d e  o p e n  s p a c e s.  Seems to me that’s what happens whenRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Orange

On my walk yesterday, I was so enjoying the emerging greens of Spring. But there were other signs of Spring on this Carolina clay pathway. We’ve had lots of rain lately and the landscape is showing the signs of the downpours. The orange clay was loosening and roots were exposed all along the path that is usually covered with foliage, moss, or other forms of green. Sometimes too much of a good thing too fast isn’t so good. It sureRead more