one mother bird

I found her nest in the garage the other day.  I was looking for something on a shelf in the garage, and found her intricately woven conglomeration of twigs, threads, leaves, feathers, and who knows what else.  I wondered what in the world this nest was doing in our garage, but then realized, the window that had been broken by a fast-traveling football was probably the way in which the mother bird found her way in. The sad thing is, that whenRead more


A smile in his eyes A smirk on his face Level of water is just below his mouth He is waiting, challenging me, and amusing himself. He is waiting for me to react and rescue. This 15 month old already knows what buttons to push. I am mustering up self control to not react. I am amused, and yet, I choose to be as resolved as he is, so I sit and smile back at this little guy, and theRead more