what we find…

I work with beads a lot, and in order to be efficient with using the multi-colored beads, I need to sort them. And I’ve learned something. When I look for green, greens seem to pop up all over the place. When I look for red, I see red. When I look for aqua, ‘voila!’, there are many to be found. What we seek, we often find. Gonna think on that today. Blessings to you and yours~ Heather   “You willRead more


So, mourning doves are not known for their bravery. The doves that regularly visit the feeder on the back deck are no different. They are skittish and usually FLY AWAY FAST when there’s an unexpected sound. They coo as they¬† fly and usually take a bit of time before they come back. But this mourning dove was different. It stayed as I made pretty loud sounds in the kitchen washing dishes, putting things away, etc. When I did make aRead more

The Kindness of Strangers

I took an unplanned walk at the river today. The kindness of strangers helped me carve out some time to enjoy my day and realize that I needed to stop and breathe and look up from all the tasks at hand to the beauty around me. And it was all around me. Details, details, details. It’s been a flurry of so many details these past few weeks. No matter how much I try to prepare for the start of school,Read more