Just in time

So, I was recently given an appreciation gift. During the month of May, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation. Usually, we get little gifts like sweets and trinkets, and things that last for the day.  But this year, I think a lot of us were excited to receive…tomato plants.  Yep, tomato plants.  They were temporarily placed in plastic cups for us to take home and plant pronto so that they could grow and provide us with fresh tomatoes during the summer months.Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Object

The earring that was lost, was found today… Not just any day.  A day when I need encouragement. …Not just any earring.  It was one that I had made for a friend of mine. …Not just any friend.  It was a friend who is courageously facing an invasive cancer and being brave and compassionate and tenacious through it all. Found it after a day of battling some fears.  I think listening to her facing funeral plans, while still hoping andRead more