“wimpy, wimpy…”

  Okay…so here goes kind of a strange confession.  You know how in movies sometimes, you can hear what the character is thinking and his brain goes to some strange commercial or song, or plays his life out in a comic book reenactment or something right before his own eyes..  (Or HER own eyes…)?  Well, that’s been happening to me a LOT lately. There happens to be a phrase from an old commercial that keeps playing over and over inRead more

through… or through.

Through. That word can mean in the midst of the in-between. You’re at point A, and gotta go through… a bit until you get to point B. That ‘bit’ can be quite a journey sometimes and require a lot of gumption, tenacity and perseverance. Sometimes there’s a long line between point A and point B. Or through can mean done, over it, finished. Kaput. Hasta la vista baby. Done. Through. And sometimes when the through (definition 1)—the in between hardRead more

a few thoughts on waves…

So I’ve always loved to write. But I don’t always love to share. Nope. Putting stuff ‘out there’ can be vulnerable. It’s easy to be misunderstood, and even if not, it’s easy to feel misunderstood. I guess that’s why I like saying things are “a few thoughts on…” this or that. Because it’s not summative. It’s not the ‘whole truth and nothing but the truth’. It’s just me sharing thoughts…a piece, a little slice of perspective that will hopefully encourageRead more