sorting it out…

Sometimes I rush a bit. (That might be a tad bit of an understatement…) I rush and then spill stuff like coffee, or drop stuff like phones or keys or…beads. (Rushing never seems to pay off by the way.) Well, the other day, it was beads that I spilled. Not just a few…it was a whole tray of seed beads that Tanner had given me. I love the bright colors of the THOUSANDS of beads that spilled. THOUSands of teenyRead more

The Ride

Tanner showed me a link this morning that showed a virtual rollercoaster. He was excited about it because he loves riding rollercoasters, but because of his heart condition  (CPVT), is unable to ride them anymore. At least he now has an option with a virtual ride.  In a virtual ride, he can stop anytime he wants to. Not so with the real deal. And it got me to thinking about my love of rollercoasters, and one of my absolute favoriteRead more