Sunday Stills ~ In Your Hand

The Sunday Stills Challenge is “In Your Hand”. Why photograph a stone in my hand? Months back I took this photo as a visual. I had written a bit of a rant on condemnation and graceā€¦and dropping stones. If you want to read the post, here’s the link! If not, at least you know why I have a photo of a rock in my hand! more

A Gift and Not A Given

Seems like the harvest of wheat comes so soon after it is planted. The green of Spring turns so quickly to the gold of late Summer and early Autumn. And it seems like my eighteen year old daughter has sprouted overnight. What is it with time? Can’t grasp it and hold it in my hands. Can’t slow it down. Can’t keep it from changing the world around me. But, I can savor the moments. And as a mom whose childrenRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge~ Mirror, Mirror

Daily Prompt Challenge: “When I look in the mirror, I…” Well, this daily prompt truly is a challenge! As I was growing up, I never thought that I’d struggle with things like going grey, wrinkles. These are just natural stages of life, correct? “Growing old gracefully” seemed as though it would be not effortless, but just a natural progression of going with the flow. Why fight what is inevitable? Good question, but sometimes things are much easier in theory thanRead more

Gracee’s Thumb

Sometimes, the imperfections in life add the most beauty. I have quite a few photos of my thumb, but in this age of photo-editing, most of those photos are cropped or deleted before they meet the eye. But this photo, well it’s not of my thumb. The thumb belongs to a 7 year old little girl named Gracee. She took the photo of her mom and me. And the thumb? Well, I think this imperfection makes the photo just perfect.Read more