Daily Prompt Challenge – “Support”

QB has a lot of pressure to make things happen. Support of a good team and coaching staff make all the difference. I’m so thankful that Zac had the opportunity, determination and guts to step up to the position. But more than that, I’m so thankful for the lessons learned on what it means to be a team player and work with others for the common good. They are lessons he can use everyday of his life to make anRead more

Daily Prompt ~ Sports

I’ve seen him get knocked down a thousand times, but he always got back up. Bruises, banged up bones, muscle soreness, and even concussions would not deter his determination to get the ball into the end zone. It was always about so much more than a game. It was about tenacity. It was about teamwork. It was about using unique gifts and abilities of each player to reach a common goal. The surface goal was to win the game. TheRead more