a little external motivation

Well, I got a LOT done today!!  (Not sure I’ll get much sleep tonight, though!)  Here’s to a little external motivation in the form of espresso beans that helped me check things off of my ever-growing to-do list!  Thankful for caffeine and chocolate, and for the days when I don’t need them quite so much…Thankful for the internal motivation of knowing that God is good and how…most days…that so rejuvenates my heart and soul to get myself in gear inRead more

Time to Reflect

Some days I feel as though I have to stay “on”. Not just awake and engaged, but at full throttle going from one thing to another. Like a light bulb that stays on all day and night. And even the quiet seems loud because I have a hard time quieting the nagging thoughts of what else needs to get done that hasn’t yet been completed. From early morning to night, with very little time for quiet. It’s on those especiallyRead more