Time to Reflect


Some days I feel as though I have to stay “on”. Not just awake and engaged, but at full throttle going from one thing to another. Like a light bulb that stays on all day and night. And even the quiet seems loud because I have a hard time quieting the nagging thoughts of what else needs to get done that hasn’t yet been completed. From early morning to night, with very little time for quiet.

It’s on those especially busy days that it is such an incredible release to just go out at night and look at a dark sky with a bright moon. To step outside and do nothing but breathe and look and admire. A moonlit sky offers beauty and perspective all wrapped into one.

Love that the moon doesn’t generate its own light. It reflects the light of the sun. Love that although the moon can be visible during the day, nothing compares to the beautiful contrast of a bright moon in the dark of night. It shines through the darkness.

The analogy for me? We need rest. After full days, we to be able to close our eyes in the darkness and rest. To turn off all of the sights and sounds of the day, and just breathe. It rejuvenates us and helps us “shine bright”. If we are always “on”, and get little rest or time to rejuvenate, we are like the moon in the daytime….always “on”, and blending in to the light of day. When we rest and find some time to be quiet and ‘reflect’, well, it seems to me, that we have so much more to give. We can ‘shine’ in deep contrast to the dark of night. And you never know when the way that you “shine” might be a breath of fresh air to someone in the same way that going outside to look at the moon in the dark of night has been such a source of refreshment to me. I want to take time to reflect and rest, so I can ‘reflect’ brightly.

P.S. This is coming from a night owl who gets very little rest…and needed to remind myself of the need to get more sleep in order to be at my best for those around me!

(Photo Credit: Austin D. Halbert)

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