a walk in a vineyard…

I went to a vineyard today. It wasn’t for a wine tasting or a tour. I was there for a women’s workshop called “Crazy Believe”. After the workshop was over, I went out to the fields to take some photos. As I took photos, I was quietly singing the song that I’ve been singing for the past week.  That’s when I stopped and smiled with a realization… Do you know why?  Well, I was singing the song “New Wine”….  “InRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Afloat”

Wishes to the wind blow, it blows Secret Hopes Cast Where does the wind blow, it blows I’m not in control of that but it seems, it seems Some things are out of reach for me Could it be, do I dare see That God has other plans so  let the wishes to the wind blow, they blow Quiet Hopes cast Where does the wind blow, it blows God is in control of that For it seems, it seems Some thingsRead more

Daily Post-Dreams

He dreamt of going to the Education Without Borders Conference in Dubai.  He dreamt, worked, researched, planned, wrote, and waited. Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part! He waited and waited, and then came the news that he was invited. He flew to Dubai and learned, participated, presented, and inspired. He was one of six presenters chosen to represent ideas for change…global change in the area of education. He dreamed and saw that dream come to life. In the process,Read more

Daily Prompt ~ “Dreams”

They have lived a life with so many dreams realized. But some of their dreams will never come to life. So it is with life. Her prayer as she faced leaving this world was that she would ‘finish well’. Even as she faced her cancer head on, she did just that, and impacted and inspired so many people along the way. He no longer has her by his side. But he continues to look forward as he holds on toRead more