Daily Prompt Challenge ~ “Broken”

Once the homes for a myriad of creatures broken shells line the sand They have been pounded in the waves crushed by the powers of time and water and movement Only to find a temporary home on the shoreline of sand The shoreline of sand that has been created by the shells that have been there before them which were also once the homes for a myriad of creatures and are now the soft landing place for barefeet of passersbyRead more


The Lesson of the Shamrocks continues for me. Awhile back, I blogged about these precious plants that my grandmother had given to me years ago. To make a long story short, I thought they had died, and was so very thankful to realize that they hadn’t died. When they emerged from the soil, they were healthier, fuller, and more beautiful than ever. Well, that was then. A few weeks ago, we had a new saga with the Shamrocks. The storyRead more