Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Afloat”

Wishes to the wind blow, it blows Secret Hopes Cast Where does the wind blow, it blows I’m not in control of that but it seems, it seems Some things are out of reach for me Could it be, do I dare see That God has other plans so  let the wishes to the wind blow, they blow Quiet Hopes cast Where does the wind blow, it blows God is in control of that For it seems, it seems Some thingsRead more

Sunday Stills – Night Shots

Wind-chimes in the dark of night are a reminder that there’s so much more to life than what meets the eye. I can’t see the chimes in the same way that I can’t see the wind. But the chimes ring clearly when a gentle breeze blows. The wind-driven song is heard in the same way that a whispering wind is felt. I can’t prove the existence of the wind with sight, but just the nature of the movement of theRead more

Daily Prompt ~ Perspective

Fresh Perspective Nothing like what a little fresh air on an Autumn day, a little time with no obligation, and some good music to enjoy can do to lighten a load and grant a whole new perspective. Thankful for moments like these in our lives when we can enjoy the moment, good company, and breathe in the beauty around us a bit. Thankful that Hope and her friend had some time to enjoy and laugh and see the beauty ofRead more