a little lesson in place value

Teaching place value to second and third graders is no easy task. To understand that a “one” has a different value depending on the value of it’s position, well, that just takes a bit of time and practice to wrap one’s 8 year old brain around. Or, one’s 50 year old brain, or 27, or 75 year old brain. Because one is just one, right?  No, not when it stands in the hundreds place.  Then it’s one hundred.  Or whenRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – Searching for a Way Out

Searching for a Way Out- Wrens in the Window “Mom! Look!” Tanner called me to the kitchen. “There are two birds at our window…” “Wow, Look how beautiful they are!” I said as I walked toward the window. But as I moved closer, I realized that this beautiful little scene wasn’t so great for these birds. We heard and witnessed the fluttering of wings of two birds frantically flying up and down and around the window. The birds weren’t justRead more