…a few thoughts on friendship…

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” ~Helen Keller Amen ❤ Maybe because dear friends reflect the light we so need to see during darker times. Maybe because sometimes we need others to remind us of what is true, who we are, who God is. Maybe because perspective changes when we know we’re not alone. Maybe because friendship is a gift that gives and takes at the same time…gives encouragement, takes aRead more

Just in time

So, I was recently given an appreciation gift. During the month of May, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation. Usually, we get little gifts like sweets and trinkets, and things that last for the day.  But this year, I think a lot of us were excited to receive…tomato plants.  Yep, tomato plants.  They were temporarily placed in plastic cups for us to take home and plant pronto so that they could grow and provide us with fresh tomatoes during the summer months.Read more