when tulips bloom…

When tulips bloom, the splashes of red stand out. When tulips bloom, they bend and sway and move together in a type of floral bouquet, perfectly arranged, effortlessly displayed. When tulips bloom, we get to see the beauty of what’s been growing for most of the year. The bulb has been buried, in the dark, and out of view for not just one month, or two. No, for most of the year, the bulb stays hidden. But hidden doesn’t meanRead more

waiting for winter to pass…

Sometimes waiting is hard. It just is.  But it’s a lot harder when we focus on what’s not there rather than the beauty that is.  Take this little branch for instance. It’s there.. Dormant. Sturdy. Barren. Little buds are just starting to  form. And pretty soon, it will be covered with leaves and the branches will be barely visible for all of the growth of the leaves.  But it will still be there…it will be the foundation that’s been thereRead more

“All for Nought” … NOT!

Well, I found myself thinking something today. I was thinking that I didn’t want a lot of effort in certain areas to be “All for nought”.  I didn’t want years of effort and prayer and work to be futile, meaningless, and void of any good benefits.  Like so often happens, what we think tends to come out in our words in a matter of time. For me, it was only a matter of minutes before what popped into my brainRead more

…a few thoughts on waiting…

When I was a little girl I knew the names of all of the birds in the backyard.  Not just birds.  Trees as well.  And fish in the nearby ponds and rivers.  You see,  my Dad is a teacher at heart.  We spent a lot of time outside and there were always a lot of teachable moments that he took advantage of.  I’m thankful for that. I’m not sure whether it was my Dad or my mom, or both or neither,Read more


The Lesson of the Shamrocks continues for me. Awhile back, I blogged about these precious plants that my grandmother had given to me years ago. To make a long story short, I thought they had died, and was so very thankful to realize that they hadn’t died. When they emerged from the soil, they were healthier, fuller, and more beautiful than ever. Well, that was then. A few weeks ago, we had a new saga with the Shamrocks. The storyRead more

Daily Prompt – “New”

New Haircut It’s not always easy to be patient during a haircut, but he let his older brother take his time, and quietly sat with this look on his face. Good things take time, and his patience paid off with a good haircut!Read more

Daily Prompt ~ Discomfort

He didn’t like sitting in the chair. It was tough enough for him to sit still for a few minutes at any time of day, any place. But to sit there while his older brother was carefully cutting his hair, while he had itchy hair on his shoulders, and hair in his mouth? This was excruciating. But he waited. And the beauty of it was, that this very fidgety ultra-talkative 10 year old was waiting QUIETLY and PATIENTLY. No complaints.Read more