biscotti for breakfast…

Vacation.  Yahoo. It’s a time when the “coulds” are allowed to win over some of the “shoulds”. I probably should have run to the store early  this morning to get groceries. I probably should  have already emptied the dishwasher and started laundry from our trip.  But I could take my time, because I really don’t have to be anywhere till 4:00 or so. And the choice of eating biscotti for breakfast is  definitely a “could” that is winning over aRead more

Sunday Stills ~ In Your Hand

The Sunday Stills Challenge is “In Your Hand”. Why photograph a stone in my hand? Months back I took this photo as a visual. I had written a bit of a rant on condemnation and grace…and dropping stones. If you want to read the post, here’s the link! If not, at least you know why I have a photo of a rock in my hand! more

The “These” and the “Those”

Where Grace Abounds Those in desperate need of a doctor are not the healthy, But the sick Those who are in need of water Are the thirsty Those who are in need of a meal Are the hungry Those who are in need of covering Are the naked Those in need of freedom Are the enslaved Those who are in need of mercy are the accused Those who are in need of forgiveness Are the unforgiven..and the unforgiving Those whoRead more