…a few thoughts on Last Firsts …

So yesterday as Tanner and I were talking about the start of school, he said, “Yeah, Mom…it’ll be your  ‘last first’ day of school…”  Now I had expected him to say HIS last first day of school…but not mine.  And yep, I had a little difficulty seeing through the sudden pool that welled up in these eyes of mine…and all I could see as I looked at my senior in high school was the little boy with the blond hair andRead more

The Changing Seasons Photo Challenge ~ May 2015

I love this photo prompt…changing seasons, posting photos from the previous month.  Last May was a busy month for us.  It included lots of high school baseball games in my son’s last season, my son’s graduation from college,  a trip to New Smyrna Beach, Florida with my newly-graduated son to see my parents, and my son’s last high school prom.  Talk about changing seasons!  These photos represent some endings that will only lead to new beginnings.  Thankful for that.  Read more

“I Did It!”

Celebrate the Moments The other day, I was helping sweet Abbee to cross the monkey bars. Her big sister had mastered the feat with a smile of accomplishment and then Abbee wanted to go. A bit of reservation mixed with trepidation showed in her eyes. But she took a deep breath and found the courage to put her arms up and start the trek across the monkey bars. Looking down was not a good thing, and she learned to focusRead more