think time

So, I’ve been trying to ‘de-clutter’ the house in my spare time.  I could expound on that statement for days regarding the clutter, the trying, or the spare time.  But I’ll spare you all that conversation. What I do want to share is one of my little findings.  It was a letter written by one of my sons and it made me laugh and think and cry and all of that wrapped up into one.  But more than anything else,Read more

…a few thoughts on abiding…

Abide. When? Now. Not tomorrow.  Not in a week. NOW. Abide is in the present tense. Abode is where we live. Abide is how we live. I am thinking that I want my abode to be abiding …in Him, wherever that is, wherever it takes me, whatever the cost. And right NOW? Right now, the cost is obediently choosing to be faithful in the little things, praying through the big, and trusting, clinging to, the One who gives the powerRead more


The power went out today, not just for a few moments, but for over an hour.  Within minutes of the outage, those in my home started emerging from their ‘plugged-in’ spaces. The computers were stopped, the TVs silenced , and the darkened lights made the early evening light  through the windows draw us from the darkness of the home to the light outside. The fans and air conditioners were silenced and made the breeze outside all the more inviting. IRead more

…the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds…

Like a warm towel wrapped around a little one… ….or a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day… or a fresh wind in the afternoon “…the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him…” Psalm 32:10 choosing to trust today and thankful for the moments when His unfailing love has been so apparent, so present and realRead more