One day at a time… One step at a time… One breath  at a time… Gratitude has a way  of living in the awareness of what is in the moment we’re in…. …and not just “what”, but “Who”. The Bible says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” So thankful for that gift that trumps all else. Reminding myself (and those who need to hear…) of simple truths today ❤   Blessings~ Heather  “Devote yourselves toRead more

it’s really okay…

It’s okay.  It’s so okay to not be okay. It is. I was reminded of that as I worked in the nursery at church today. You see, these little ones seem to know a thing or two about not being okay that maybe some of us older folks have forgotten.  Because when these babies have a need, they let people know. Sometimes LOUDly. ❤  Their little eyes start filling with tears and lips start quivering…and then comes the cry, theRead more

the rest

So, I’ve had a lot of that nervous kind of energy lately. Maybe you know the kind. I mean, it’s that kind of feeling like there are lots of things that I can do, but my heart and mind are wrapped up in the things that I can’t…the things that are out of my control. Thus…this restless energy keeps rising to the surface when my heart and mind are unsettled. So…I’ve got some negative go tos…things I turn to withRead more

a few thoughts on hydration…

So, these orange clementines came home from the store with me last week. But our family has been so in and out of the house that the little treats that usually disappear from the fruit bowl pretty quickly were still there after a few days. But even in just those few days, they looked like they had shrunk significantly. It kind of surprised me. But then again, it’s been hot as all get out, and it’s pretty easy for folksRead more

“I Did It!”

Celebrate the Moments The other day, I was helping sweet Abbee to cross the monkey bars. Her big sister had mastered the feat with a smile of accomplishment and then Abbee wanted to go. A bit of reservation mixed with trepidation showed in her eyes. But she took a deep breath and found the courage to put her arms up and start the trek across the monkey bars. Looking down was not a good thing, and she learned to focusRead more