Say The Words

Letters Unsent

There are words that go unspoken
And songs that go unsung
Broken ‘things’ that remain broken
When a task remains undone
There are needs so simply mended
By a simple task or word
Deeds so well intended
Prayers yet to be heard

There are letters I have written
That have for years remained unsent
The person never got the chance
To hear the encouragement

So today I’ll send these letters
I’ll send them on their way
And I’ll say the words unspoken,
I will pray the prayers unprayed
It is in these little moments
That we shine a little light
And like stars in the darkness
We can add beauty to the night

Yes, I’ll say the words unspoken
And try to make somebody’s day
And you know those unsent letters?
I will send them out

2 responses to Say The Words

    • soletusknow says:

      That’s right….am learning to not be such a perfectionist @ things. A small thing done is better than an intention undone…thankful for the ‘little things’


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