Thankful Thursday




As always, there are lots of things to be thankful for. This week for me it was time.  Am out on Fall break, so I have two and 1/2 weeks of spending time as I best see fit. I mean, we all get to make decisions about how we spend the 24 hours we have, but I have a lot less in my structured schedule and am so enjoying space to breathe a bit and fill the time as I best see fit.


On our last day of work, I was sure to make time and take time to say good bye to a beloved co-worker and encourage the students to speak words to her face to face about what they’ll miss. It was sweet. I love how when we encourage someone with words (or not words), we are often encouraged as well. I saw that in my students and as my sweet co-worker often says- it made my heart smile. ❤




This week it was also time to celebrate one of my son’s birthday…and there was so very much to celebrate.  We celebrated over a year of sobriety–not just sobriety–but a coming through, a coming alive again to so many things. It was time for him to leave the old behind, and it’s been so apparent in his life in so many ways. A whole new kind of birth-day to celebrate, and there was a lot of laughter and joy in the celebrating for sure. Funny how our choices and freedom (or not) have such a huge impact on the ones we love whether we know it or not. We were sure to let him know it…<3

It’s also been a time to take t-i-m-e to read and write some letters and do some of the things that have been on the back burner, so to speak. It feels good to get to those things that I intend to do, but never quite get to. I’ve got a long long list of those, but am hoping that it’ll get shorter in the next few days.

I’ve taken time to enjoy my surroundings– even in the least expected of places.  Here are some beautiful plants right outside of a Good Will . You never know where beauty will show up…could be anywhere that  you take the time to see it!



Well, I’ve had the time this morning to read and pray….and drink my coffee. Had the time to write a letter and finish a few bird feeders, and even had the time to blog  a few minutes. And, now, well, it’s time to get ready to go to ‘work” that doesn’t feel like work. Gonna work at the local Workshop (Antiques/Shabby Chic/ Crafter’s Boutique,etc.)  in Uptown Shelby.

Here’s to making the most of the time we have in these next 24 hours. Take it from me– it might not be about filling it up, but about being intentional to be fully in it. God has a way of directing our steps as we pray for Him to. He has a way of showing up in ways that we might least expect. He has a way of making a little time have a lot of impact when He’s in the midst. I love the quote by Jim Elliot that says, “Wherever you are, be all there.”

Gonna try that today.

❤  Thankful for the grace that God gives us in the little and big. Praying we have eyes to seek Him and see Him–even on the most ordinary of days. He has a way of showing up even when we least expect it. He wants to make Himself known to us…in the big and the little…and that awareness that HE IS can make all the difference in any day.

Blessings to you and yours on this Thankful  Thursday on a Friday ~





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