note to self…

Photo Credit: Jordan Whitt “Unsplash”

Note to Self:  Some things—beautiful, unexpected, glorious things–– ONLY grow in the desert. Like Cacti. And blue desert flowers. And ‘resurrection plants’. Maybe the periods of drought coupled with lots of Light can cultivate unique and amazing things that are  indigenous to places you’d least expect…and not just in plants mind you <3. 

I love that God has variety beyond compare and that He can use anything, anyone, any place to make things grow out of the dust. Am thinking that’s a thing I want to remember for sure.  You know the phrase ‘beauty for ashes’?  Well, imagine the visual that those ashes can be a soil for something beautiful to grow out of…and that what represented loss becomes nutrients to nourish something good.

purple desert flower
Photo Credit

So if you’re feeling like you’re walking in a desert…when the heat is so on in a dry and difficult time of life, well, I encourage you (and me)  to keep wide eyes open and  heart still beating with hope and expectation to see what could be forming during this time that couldn’t be formed any other way. What in  you, in me, could be growing in the desert (this unchosen, unchartered land) that wouldn’t have grown in the land where you would’ve chosen to be? I wonder. And may there be exactly that…wonder…when we catch glimpses of the unforeseen beauty that comes up from the ashes.

Every difficult time in my life has yielded some pretty cool and beautiful things —in retrospect that is. Definitely in retrospect. So… am thinking that growing in this walk of faith means to look for the beauty that might be rising up in the ashes right there at where our feet land. Even if we find our feet in a desert or land that we would never have chosen to walk. Nothing is wasted. Not even in what may appear to be a wasteland. Beauty for ashes. Yep. Let’s keep our eyes wide open  because some things—beautiful, unexpected, glorious things —only grow in the desert.



Thankful Thursday


Photo Credit: Jordan Whitt on Unsplash…internet find.

(Yours truly doesn’t have photos from the desert…yet 🙂  )

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